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This Site was hacked into a couple years ago.  I have most of it back,  but there are still a few problems.  

If you find a problem on this site, please let me know where.


   Before we get too serious about roller repair, it appears there have been a few email  problems.  Its not exactally known where or with whom the problem originates, but several customers have made the same comments with their own emails.  I get many emails, a few I don't,  most people get mine and a few don't.   Some emails get returned as undeliverable.   I just want it known,  I am still in business, and plan to be for a long time.  My address is on the order form  which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.  All I can say is just keep trying to email me.   Sorry for any inconvience.


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                          Do you have a Reel to Reel tape recorder, record player, 8 track player, cassette deck, or just need a roller rebuilt, that may be sitting in the back of a closet, or stashed away, because the pinch roller or idler wheel is dried out, hard, cracked or ruined from improper chemical cleaning?

Click here to view possible reasons some rollers turn tar like and gooy and other don't.

Does you roller look like this?  It might and your unaware of it.

Want to fix your roller at home?


Do you have a question about your pinch rollers, idlers or any other question about your machine?

Ask the experts...Listed below are 2 sites where you can ask a question and you will get answers(free).

To post a question you will have to register first, but it is free.  You can look around for free with out registering.

Home Recording.com



There is a solution!

Send me your old roller, I will remove all old rubber and replace it with new.  It will be perfectly flat, or rounded depending on your style of roller.  It will be perfectly round.  No thumping, no wobbling, no humming, no more tape slippage.   When I’m done, it will work as good as new.

Below (or above left) you will find links that will allow you to download the order form as either a MS Word file or in PDF format

(which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

The order form has a few questions about your roller, along with additional shipping information.

Order form and payment must accompany the roller. If you are sending more than one roller, and the

rollers are different sizes,  please attach one form per roller..

I am not responsible for rollers shipped without the order form .

Most pinch rollers and idlers for "Home Units"  because they are smaller in size (most 1/2 inch tape and smaller) are $35.00 each, plus a $5.00 Total shipping and handling in the states.

That $5.00 will cover 1 to 4 rollers and  I will ship them back to you U.S.P.S.  with  $50 insurance.

( click insurance for more options)

Since most "Pro Audio" rollers are usually physically larger than Home rollers,  there for additional charges may apply.  Prices are determined by the physical size of  the roller, not because its a Pro or Home Unit.

If in doubt of the charge for your roller, email me.

For other shipping options and ideas, click the link below.

The roller you send me for rebuilding will be the one you get back,  I never swap rollers.

There for it will fit your machine exactually as before, you don't have to worry about getting a roller with a worn out bushing.


   Click here to view  pictures of rollers I've done by

Brand Name.


The big idler debate

Does idler size  (diameter) affect the final speed????

This applies to a single tire idler only.

If your having a speed issue with your machine,  and you think its the idler size (diameter) causing the problem, below are links to other sites where experts discuss and explain this in detail.

Click Here

Or Here

More info



See a print out of a wow and flutter test on my rebuilt roller as
compared to a factory roller.
 There are test results from 2 different customers.
Click here



                                                                      The Discontinued  From Tascam Are Here now!!

Need a Spare?

Complete pinch rollers for Tascam MSR 24.  Including new roller bearing,  ---   Ready to install

$85.00 plus shipping

Tascam MSR-16  Spare Counter Roller

New Rubber

Aluminum center

3 Screws.

These 2 rollers have been manufactured and built from Tascams Spec's

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As pictured $85.00 plus shipping

or have your roller rebuilt for less

Limited Supply

============================================================ ====


Reproduced Otari MX-70 ready to install.

 2 new bearings

New Rubber

$130.00 plus shipping

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Pioneer 909

$65 each

Plastic cap not included


See other new rollers here

  click here

Do you have some other brand or model  R2R and would like a spare pinch roller?

If So,

Contact me at t.e.witt@juno.com


If you like free music,  check out these 4 excellant sites


1.    http://www.snjmall.com/chico

                       2.  http://www.tropicalglen.com/index.html

       3.    http://upchucky.com/Home.html

4.     http://www.doowopfix.co.uk/

 Number 3 is probably my favorite as it has funny gag video's, music by year, music by group/artist, music video clips

Games, and more.



         Start the songs playing and then do something else on your computer, let it play in the background.


 What to use for cleaning pinch rollers and other rubber items
This is for new rubber and will not fix old hard or gooey rubber.

Many people ask me what to clean their pinch rollers with.  I wish I had a good super secret  formula I used and could tell you about,  but I don't.  I see daily and hear what chemicals do to rubber,  and it isn't good. Sooner or later the rubber will be ruined.  Some types of rubber dry out, crack, and get hard, while others get soft and gooey.

 My advise and its only my opinion, and I know this doesn't clean as good as some high octaine chemicals,  but I suggest just plain old dish soap and water,  then rinse good.
Sorry thats about it.


   Turn around time from Oct. thru May  (Winter months) is usually 3 to 6 days from time of receipt.  Due to a few vacations, at times, turn around times may be 2 weeks or more from June thru Oct.    I suggest emailing me before sending your rollers.   Generally speaking ,  business will not be interrupted.

Hi Terry,

The rollers arrived yesterday. They look great. I installed one on the Roland tonight and adjusted the roller tension for optimal stability. Terry...I have never heard a tape echo sound so "in-tune" in my life. The difference is phenominal. I can't thank you enough for your great service and great work. The owner of this unit will be blown away! Once again Terry, thanks so much for the great work and service. I hope to have the opportunity to do business in the future. There are a lot of Space Echo's and Echoplexes out there that are crying for new pinch rollers. The sound of their cry is always warbly and out of tune! :

Tomi Abriel

 Axe-Amp Tech Service.

 Repair and modification of guitars, amps, and effects.


Hi Terry,
I was finally able to get some time to install one set of rollers, and that set is dimensionally perfect, both in OD, roundness and eccentricity. Can't even tell when they are rotating unless you look carefully.  W&F numbers are the best they have/can be on this 3014, and tape tracking shows no wobble or skew.  Thank you very much!!
Perry Asposito          email..... Perry.nak@comcast.net
 I service Nakamichi, Revox and the 3014 cassette decks.  I've used you for all my Revox and 
now Tandberg decks, and whenever I need a Nak roller (which is not very often), and
always have gotten excellent results. I recommend you to anyone that asks. Perry

Hi Terry,

Just wanted to let you know I received the rollers for my RT-909 (actually a few weeks back but I was on leave). I have installed them and they corrected the odd Wow and Flutter issue I was having. I am getting 0.03% with a test tape, and around 0.06% W+F when I record and play back on this deck, both are well within Pioneer's original specifications. The Weighted W+F is also well within spec. I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome rebuild on these things.


Adam R

More >>>>>>



 If you have a calipers,  and want to measure your machine to get a exact fitting pinch roller, let me know.


Emergency Service Available  Here


If you are going to send me your roller, please down load the order form below.

Order Form (MS Word format)                           Primary  address t.e.witt@juno.com

Order Form (PDF format)                                          secondary tewitt1949@hotmail.com  (this address checked seldom)

                                                                               I check and answer all Juno emails 3-4  times a day.

Click here for Shipping Ideas                             If you don't hear anything after 24

                                                                 hrs, I didn't get it,  Please try gain.

                                                                                           Check your junk mail folder      

                                                                                           Check your spam filter folder

Special return shipping requests for me to follow    


     New .......  If you have emailed me and have not received an answer after 24 hours, check here.  It may have been returned to me as undeliverable.


If you want to talk to me on the phone,   Email me, and due to time zone differences,

 we will set up a convenient time.





                                                                            Here are 10 of my favorite sites



Reel To Reel Tech Sales and service for consumer and pro reel to reels.
Phone 604-514-1751


  Open Reel Decks Vintage TX     Rolf  has a great selection of restored reel to reel decks

                                     available and is also a great source of those hard to find used parts.


AllegroSound (Est.1973)
Love high-end & vintage audio, but have no spendable cash?
Let Rick know what you have and what you want to upgrade.
Tell Rick Terry sent you.


Vintage Electronics     Bob repairs Vintage Stereo Equipment, equipment sales + a wide range

                                   of parts, belts and lamps.    


US-Recording Media US-Recording Systems       USRM has new fresh Quantegy tapes for

                                 your reel to reel. Five, seven or 10-1/2 inch tape for sale and the largest selection of accessories



  Dual Turntable Website  The premier internet site for information about Dual turntables


  DCSVintage   is a company that offers restoration and repairs of guitar amplifiers,

                               tape recorders, studio processors and other audio equipment.  More info here


  Circuit Shop Loud Speakers   Eminence loudspeakers: a wide variety of speakers for your pro audio needs.


                                        CLEANING  AND  REFURBISH KITS, PARTS AND FULL DECK REFURBISH



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