Tascam 133 Studio Cassette Deck

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This is a TASCAM 133 Multi-Image 3 channel cassette tape deck in good working condition.

It has been tested for record and playback and on both the low 1 7/8" and high 3 3/4" speed modes that it is capable of and sounds excellent at both speeds. Fast forward/Reverse/play and record all work great. All meters are working.

Besides the normal 2 stereo tracks it is capable of recording a 3rd cueing track to control programming. The cueing channel was untested and associated funtionality and appears to be working.


120v 60hz 57w, weight about 24 pounds. Switchable between XLR and RCA input output jacks.

Three independent audio channels, two for audio and one for show control data .

Dolby noise reduction which provides a 10dB improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio .

Interfaces with any programmer available-analog or digital .

4 tracks, 3-channel . 2 Heads: erase and record/playback .

Programmable for repeat play .

Dual speed 1 7/8 ips standard and 3 3/4 ips high speed


The specifications above was taken from other web sites.  So keep in mind it maybe incorrect.

I have also tried these decks and they sound great.  All functions appear to work as new.