I get many requests about rollers that are now from

reel to reels.  I do rollers from record players,  8 track

players, cassette (some), cockpit voice recorders, Wire

recorders etc.    This includes Idler wheels.   Plus others.

If it a round roller with rubber on it, I probably can do it.


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  There are many other models and

   brands I've done.  I can't list them all.


     Unknown rollers here

    More rollers here     (Odds and ends)


1.  All machines starting with A.                          

  (  Akai,  Ampex, Awia)

2.  All machines starting with B  through E      

  (Bell Sound, Decoder, Echoplex,  BSR, Dynacord,

    Brunning, Dual,  Elmo)


3.  All machines starting with F   through M    

      (Ferrograph, Instromedix, Lyrec,   Magnavox, Magnacord,

          Mitsubishi,  Lenco,  Garrard,  ITC,  Motorola,  Nagra,  JVC)

4.  All machines starting with N through P        

       (Nagra, Otari, Philips, Pioneer,   Nakamichi, Panasonic)

5.  All machines starting with R through S          

        (RCA, Rec-o-kut, Revox, Roland, Sound Craft, Realistic,

         Scully, Sony, Stellavox, Stancel, Studer, Realistic)

6.  All machines starting with T through Tap    

     ( Tape Drives, Tandberg, Tape-Athon)

7.  All Tascam machines

8. All machines starting with Te through Z       

    (Teac, Technics, Telefunken,   Webcor, Westinghouse, Webster

      Zenith, Viking/Telex )