Studio Quality Tascam 42B                

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This machine has the sweetest sound with rich bass and perfect highs. Because it is a 2-track machine the tape can only be used on one side, when using 15 ips speed the tape will disappear very fast.. but of course the quality of the recording is great.



Reel size: 5,7 or 10-1/2 with Hub-adaptor.

Tape speed: 7 1/2 or 15.

Speed accuracy: +-0,2% deviation

Pitch Control: +-12%

Fast wind time: 120 seconds for 10 inch reel,2400 feet

Spooling wind time:400 seconds for 10 inch reel,2400 feet

Tape drive system: Direct drive 3 motors.

3 heads: erase/record/reproduce x 2.

Tape Cue: Manual and automatic (RTZ and STC)

Motion sensing: 0,5 sec.+-0,15 sec.delay time stop for next motion, tension servo system.

Mounting: Standard 19 inch rack.

Remote control: Basic transport function (RC-71) plus 10-point location (AQ-65)

Dimensions: 17 Wide.197/8 Tall.10 3/4 Deep.

Weight: 71 lbs.

2 microphone Input XLR connection

Output L+R XLR .

Connection for DBX unit (Tascam DX-2D)

Punch In/Out Remote connector.

Headphonejack facepanel.Output 100 milliwatts into 8 ohm stereo headphones.Adjustable volume

Bias Frequency: 150khz.

Frequency response Record /Reproduce: 15 ips: 30 hz-22khz,+-2db at 0 VU.

30hz-24khz,+-2db at-10 VU.

7 1/2 ips: 30 hz-16khz,+-2db at 0 VU.

30 hz-20khz,+-db at 10 VU.

Sync/reproduce: 15 ips > 30 hz-22khz,+-2db.

7-1/2 ips > 30hz-18khz,+-2db.


This information  above was taken from other web site.  Included are 2 reel hub adapters and a copied manual.